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Our most popular activity is a relaxing scenic trail ride in our mountain paradise.

The entire experience takes about one and a half hours, time in the saddle is around one hour. This activity is suited to all levels of riders and also to beginners.

We can accommodate up to 5 riders at a time and if there are young riders in the group we will provide a handler on foot to accompany them on a slightly shorter route.

The ride will meander through Pine plantations and then up into the Fynbos areas on the mountain where you will enjoy fantastic views. The ride also passes the farm dam and for the picnic ride we will stop and enjoy some refreshments, here you will also see the majestic indigenous forest trees(yellow woods, stink woods etc) in the kloof.




We offer activities for children of all ages and sizes. During our school terms there are daily lessons in the afternoons. During School Holidays we offer Pony Camps, Shows, Games, Dress up days and Bath a pony Days. These activities are arranged according to the weather so please contact us to arrange some fabulous holiday fun!


We offer Horse Riding lessons, each lesson we will do a quick evaluation to establish what skills if any you have and then we will dive in and build on what you have, the lesson could include working on balance and coordination, or learning to control your horse – for the more experienced we will refine the skills you have for the benefit of the horse so that you can get the most out of your horse.



You will spend a couple of hours being immersed in the world of training or rather communicating with the horses, this will include basics of equine learning theory and then we will play with the horses to illustrate how to build a language and find harmonious communication with our magical steeds. We will translate this to how the horses experience us when we are riding, and how we can make the entire process less stressful for all parties concerned.

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  • Lusitano Gelding

Appelsbosch Stud


Appelsbosch is also home to our Lusitano stud. The stud was founded in 2007 when the owner bought a 6 month old, Lusitano colt named Campino. Campino was bred by Carlos Raposo of Monte Cavallo (then Rio Largo) Stud. Over the years we also acquired a mare, Imperatriz, who gave us 2 stunning Colts – Habanero and Junipero. We retired this lovely broodmare and we now have a new mare Alpedrinha –  who has given us our first filly, Ophelia.

We have also bred some wonderful crosses to our Arabian broodmare and they have turned out to be beautiful, versatile and tough. We have kept two and some of the progeny that we have sold still live at the stud today.

We currently have some young stock available for sale, please inquire for details.